Thursday, January 5, 2012

G-2 THE- E-2 THE- E-2 THE- M- 2 THE- A

Music unites people and that is what I realised when I first met Geema in the music class.
It was six years ago, just the way as bubbly, humorous and bold I see her now.
The first time when I met her, I felt her so familiar as though I knew her already. Her character resembled a little alike of my sister’s. Probably, that’s one of the reasons I felt so comfortable.
Most of the times, we spent laughing and giggling aloud and the way people stare at us just to let us know we are not aliens. Yes, we share a little crazy imagination and we talk imaginatively. Our scripts can even win awards. Beginning from aliens to Steve Jobs, we include all the characters in our story. J
Geema= Patience... Patience= Geema. She had dealt with me so patiently.
I remember the time when I fell sick and there was none to help me out; She took care of me very well J
She offered me tablets and healthful fruit drinks, but I refused to take those and consumed only a packet full of chipsJ. I know how mad she went and with the ultimate gift in her- Patience took over me.
Although we don’t contact each other often, we still go mad every time we meet.
All through these years, Geema has become stronger and dedicative in her passion.
Feel so happy and proud of you, Geema. Take care. Keep rockin’ ^__^


P.S: Get me something from Portugal :P 


  1. aaaaaaaw...gaaayu is still remember how mad igot wen u asked for KUR KURE..!!!
    ""patience n me""---podi ,ur makin fun of me..:)

    U r one person, who matches me exactly..MEANING our madness is so much in sink..:)..miss u...i will get u things from Coimbra..:) tak gud..