Saturday, March 24, 2012


After a long awaiting month, I am writing this now. It feels good to write and feels even better to learn how much I love my passion.  I swear it is something that is beyond normal- a supramundane-like feeling.  The real happiness I get when I do something I love and the immense pleasure I get is when I am writing. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Dear God,
      Thank you. Of all the things that I am going through right now, I know it is you who understand me completely.
     I have never been to such a thing in my life where I will have to stand on my own, where people don’t agree with my dreams, or I don’t know if this is the first time I am following my dreams.
    The first time I feel so strong about what I am doing. The voices within says, “Just do it.... You are strong and it’s in our blood.”
     I don’t know what is that, that keeps my loved ones say ‘no’ to my dreams. I know they are much worried about me; and I don’t want to let them down.
   With love.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


What could be the most painful thing in life?
When you fall sick, while your friends are hanging out?
When your friend copies from your answer sheet during exam and you fail, but your friend does not?
No. The most painful thing is bidding goodbye to a friend- a close- a best friend. 

P.S : I hate ‘Goodbye messages.’
P.P.S: May be my new year resolution should have been “GOODBYE GOODBYES.” J

Thursday, January 19, 2012


It was such a beautiful moment. I was walking out from my house. In a short period, I realized a dog following me. Initially, I was doubtful, so I decided to take the lane across the street. The dog was still running behind me.

 I got reminded of the Hutch ad where the pug follows the boy wherever he goes. In my case, I don't even know which breed it was, but it was a free-ranging dog. I really felt it like a baby and I did not wish to let go of it. But I  had to catch a cab; it was time. Hope I see it again, but this time I am sure I will treat it well and feed him some biscuits.

P.S: I want a dog  :-( 

Friday, January 6, 2012


                     You call out his name “A.R.Rahman”, I bet, we rahmanics fly over the moon. It started off with the soundtrack Roja, since then I fell head over heels for his music. The Frequently looped songs in my IPOD are from the movies PUDHIYA MUGAM , ROJA , GENTLEMAN , DUET , MAY MADHAM , THIRUDA THIRUDA , KADHALAN , BOMBAY , INDHIRA , LOVE BIRDS , ALAIPAYUTHEY , JEANS ,  SLUM DOG MILLIONAIRE JAANE TU YA JAANE NA  , JHOOTH HAI SAHI , VINNAITHANDI VARUVAYA , GHAJINI , JILLUNU ORU KAADHAL , RAAVAN , 127 HOURS and the list goes on . His compositions are of a complete Hocus Pocus to me for I can relate so much to my life.  For a person who is a musicomania and can not live without music, A.R.Rahman fills his tunes into our ears.

                     I feel music is not just ‘do re mi fa sa’ but it’s something beyond what we call “the feel” along with the tunes that can be listened , felt  and loved by all , A.R.Rahman ‘s music has touched all our hearts and spread across the world .  His passion for music and love towards God brings up a complete divinized man tuning the happiness in his music.

                   Lately I have been going too crazy on Vinnaithandi Varuvaya and 127 Hours movie’s sound tracks. Especially Hosanna, Anbil Avan, Mannipaya from Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya and “if I rise “from 127 Hours.
 All of his songs are so close to my heart and without it I believe music is incomplete.  There are loads to write about him but honestly speaking words are not just enough, it is his music that personifies him.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

G-2 THE- E-2 THE- E-2 THE- M- 2 THE- A

Music unites people and that is what I realised when I first met Geema in the music class.
It was six years ago, just the way as bubbly, humorous and bold I see her now.
The first time when I met her, I felt her so familiar as though I knew her already. Her character resembled a little alike of my sister’s. Probably, that’s one of the reasons I felt so comfortable.
Most of the times, we spent laughing and giggling aloud and the way people stare at us just to let us know we are not aliens. Yes, we share a little crazy imagination and we talk imaginatively. Our scripts can even win awards. Beginning from aliens to Steve Jobs, we include all the characters in our story. J
Geema= Patience... Patience= Geema. She had dealt with me so patiently.
I remember the time when I fell sick and there was none to help me out; She took care of me very well J
She offered me tablets and healthful fruit drinks, but I refused to take those and consumed only a packet full of chipsJ. I know how mad she went and with the ultimate gift in her- Patience took over me.
Although we don’t contact each other often, we still go mad every time we meet.
All through these years, Geema has become stronger and dedicative in her passion.
Feel so happy and proud of you, Geema. Take care. Keep rockin’ ^__^


P.S: Get me something from Portugal :P 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I bought a laptop. It is pretty cool. It’s more comfortable. I am enjoying its company. In fact, mum worries that I am going to be using it round the clock and never let her type a mail for my sister.
This morning, I was at the showroom to order for a laptop. Well, they said it would take an hour for it to get delivered. So, I ordered it pretty early.
Things that got me mad:
a.    Very bad customer service.
b.   Very bad customer service.
c.    Very bad customer service.
d.   Very bad customer service.
e.    Very bad customer service.
f.     Very bad customer in detail
If you are wondering, why my pet peeves list shows the same thing repeatedly, here is your answer.
They did not explain anything about the product and even if they did, it was all wrong. Fortunately, I found a service company next to it and got few details from them.
They don’t keep up their promises. When they guarantee that you will get your product in a half-hour, make sure to count double the time they mentioned.
There are very few experts who know what they are doing. Others seem to be beginners.
Sometimes, the work gets delayed when there are less man-power. All of them were occupied with lots of work and they did not know to manage their work.
They don’t respect customers. At times they even yell. It’s really bad to shout at a customer over the phone, while other customers are watching them fight.
Therefore, it was a patience-testing day.