Friday, December 30, 2011


A lot of things happened today. I lost hope- I got drenched in rain- I had an ice cream-  I was trying to be normal- I was normal- I was clueless.
There are situations in life where you feel so lonely even when you find everybody around you. Yeah, it was my turn . I did feel. I still feel lonely.
There are times when you feel you were just nothing and you lost your hope- you felt like leaving the Earth? Yes, I did feel so. Being a coward is not on my list. It was just the 'frustrated feeling'. I felt so empty-blank-what was I doing?- why was I upset?
Too many questions, huh? :)
I leave you clueless with this.

P.S: The end of my day, I did feel good because of few people ^__^ Thank you ! <3

Friday, December 16, 2011


They: Why don’t you do CA?
Me: Ahhhh!
They: Hey! Why not ICWAI?
Me: Ahhhh!!!*again*

*After few weeks*

They : So, you sure going to study journalism?
Me: Yes, I am sure.
They: Why don’t you try law? Isn’t it similar to journalism?
Me: K

Well, what’s so wrong with these people? Isn’t it fair to do something I love? Is my career all about just money or also my passion?

I understand they care, but can’t they be cared enough to let me do something of my passion?

I don’t care if I have to struggle, but I will be happy. I don’t regret about my past- don’t regret about my present and I don’t want to regret in future.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Why is that the more we find someone close to us, walk away? Is it because they get annoyed? Yes, may be they do....(*????*)Then, why do we meet them? What's that-that actually makes us feel like they are walking away? 

This is the major thing my people complain about *not about me* . Well, I have been through the situation too. There are just few, who remain in my life. 
*I don't really care about the numbers; I always have the best people around.. bet you* There is nothing to blame them, though it still hurts when they walk away :( :(.

Now, I have surpassed my emotional attitude. Not that I don't feel bad for their absence, it's just that I have started to live in my practical world.

Strictly no emotional feelings.

As long as they are in, they will be bugged. ^__^

P.S : I love Pon and Zi *They are cute* ^__^


It's 12:25 AM *Indian Standard Time*. Looks like I am going to while away another sleepless night. I have not been feeling good for a while *mentally*. Sometimes I feel that someday everything is going to be all right and that thought does not sustain forever.
Yes! My dreams are high *not me, I don't drink* :|   I have no inkling what I am really up to. All I know is I have got a goal and I also know that I am afraid-afraid as to how things are going to work.

But, no matter what, I always feel happy for one thing, for people around me. They always support me.... They always accept whatever I blabber... They laugh for my stupid jokes....They admire my so called singing....
*I loveeee you all forevee and ever and ever...........*