Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Why is that the more we find someone close to us, walk away? Is it because they get annoyed? Yes, may be they do....(*????*)Then, why do we meet them? What's that-that actually makes us feel like they are walking away? 

This is the major thing my people complain about *not about me* . Well, I have been through the situation too. There are just few, who remain in my life. 
*I don't really care about the numbers; I always have the best people around.. bet you* There is nothing to blame them, though it still hurts when they walk away :( :(.

Now, I have surpassed my emotional attitude. Not that I don't feel bad for their absence, it's just that I have started to live in my practical world.

Strictly no emotional feelings.

As long as they are in, they will be bugged. ^__^

P.S : I love Pon and Zi *They are cute* ^__^

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