Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011- Music+Rain+Novel+Pani-Puri+ Friends

Music, Rain, Novel, Pani-Puri and friends- What else can I ask for?
A perfect day to write. One of the happiest days in my life, today. How does it feel like to get drenched in the rain and listen to your favourite numbers played in the iPod? How does it feel like to walk with your friends? Amazing, isn’t it? I did not know my life had a life in it, until I started to write my life story. It was at 6:00 pm, when my friend and I paused by a nearby chaat shop to eat Pani-Puri, a delicious snack. Thanks to my friend who tempted me to eat Pani-Puri and thanks to the rain for spicing-up the moment. While I was returning my way alone, I was taken away emotionally by a cute dog which was wandering. The dog looked like as if it had lost its Master. I walked away like I never cared about it. In few minutes, I sensed someone following me; when I looked around to see the “someone”, Ahh!! It was the cute dog, shaking its tail. Those innocent eyes really got my eye. I did not know what to do; I stood there, confused. There was no way I was going to take it home, for my apartment owners would hurl me out of the house and that’s when I decided to call the “Blue Cross”.

“Hi!” a voice I heard. “Hello, I am Gayathri. There is a dog wandering around looking for its master, thought you would help, would you?”
“Yes, ma’am, sure,” this time, he sounded too confident. I gave him the details he asked for. He also said he would be there soon to rescue the dog. Ahhhh!! Sad, I did not want to leave the dog alone, but I had to, unwillingly. I hope the Blue Cross had taken the dog along with them. I was just thinking that at times even we do wander, not knowing our life's path and we need someone to guide us.That's life.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

This is my first page (post) and I have no inkling what to start off with. I really don’t need a topic to write when my Blog’s title reads, “My Life’s notebook”. Ever since my childhood, the only companion I have been sharing my moments of pain and happiness is my diary. Now that I got this Blog created, you- my dear friends, strangers and enemies (if I have one) will be able to read my thoughts, ideas, anything and everything. Though, I can’t assure you complete source of entertainment, I guarantee, you will never get bored to read one’s diary. Well, this is no way near to my secrets, but I created this Blog for few reasons-
1. I love writing; 2.  For those who know me in and out, there is something which you haven’t read or heard, and you can find it here; 3. For those aliens, I say, be ready to whoop, smile, cry, jump, and comment; 4. Besides all this, there is one thing I wish to quote, “Diary is not just a company to hang out with, but a friend to whom you can write forever until it ends.” But, in my case, you can find non- stop-writing. With this, I end the first page; please turn over. ^_^