Friday, January 6, 2012


                     You call out his name “A.R.Rahman”, I bet, we rahmanics fly over the moon. It started off with the soundtrack Roja, since then I fell head over heels for his music. The Frequently looped songs in my IPOD are from the movies PUDHIYA MUGAM , ROJA , GENTLEMAN , DUET , MAY MADHAM , THIRUDA THIRUDA , KADHALAN , BOMBAY , INDHIRA , LOVE BIRDS , ALAIPAYUTHEY , JEANS ,  SLUM DOG MILLIONAIRE JAANE TU YA JAANE NA  , JHOOTH HAI SAHI , VINNAITHANDI VARUVAYA , GHAJINI , JILLUNU ORU KAADHAL , RAAVAN , 127 HOURS and the list goes on . His compositions are of a complete Hocus Pocus to me for I can relate so much to my life.  For a person who is a musicomania and can not live without music, A.R.Rahman fills his tunes into our ears.

                     I feel music is not just ‘do re mi fa sa’ but it’s something beyond what we call “the feel” along with the tunes that can be listened , felt  and loved by all , A.R.Rahman ‘s music has touched all our hearts and spread across the world .  His passion for music and love towards God brings up a complete divinized man tuning the happiness in his music.

                   Lately I have been going too crazy on Vinnaithandi Varuvaya and 127 Hours movie’s sound tracks. Especially Hosanna, Anbil Avan, Mannipaya from Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya and “if I rise “from 127 Hours.
 All of his songs are so close to my heart and without it I believe music is incomplete.  There are loads to write about him but honestly speaking words are not just enough, it is his music that personifies him.

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