Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I bought a laptop. It is pretty cool. It’s more comfortable. I am enjoying its company. In fact, mum worries that I am going to be using it round the clock and never let her type a mail for my sister.
This morning, I was at the showroom to order for a laptop. Well, they said it would take an hour for it to get delivered. So, I ordered it pretty early.
Things that got me mad:
a.    Very bad customer service.
b.   Very bad customer service.
c.    Very bad customer service.
d.   Very bad customer service.
e.    Very bad customer service.
f.     Very bad customer in detail
If you are wondering, why my pet peeves list shows the same thing repeatedly, here is your answer.
They did not explain anything about the product and even if they did, it was all wrong. Fortunately, I found a service company next to it and got few details from them.
They don’t keep up their promises. When they guarantee that you will get your product in a half-hour, make sure to count double the time they mentioned.
There are very few experts who know what they are doing. Others seem to be beginners.
Sometimes, the work gets delayed when there are less man-power. All of them were occupied with lots of work and they did not know to manage their work.
They don’t respect customers. At times they even yell. It’s really bad to shout at a customer over the phone, while other customers are watching them fight.
Therefore, it was a patience-testing day.

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