Monday, January 2, 2012

PNR2 – Partners in Real cRime

 May be it’s easy to handle math problems, but not PNR2 .
P- Poornima
R2- Rakhi, Rekha
A tall, neatly uniformed girl walks on the stage to sing.
The first prize for the inter-school singing competition goes to Ms. Poornima.
The third prize goes to Ms. Gayathri.
Poornima: Hey! Hi! I am Poornima. I heard you singing. It was nice
Me: Hi! I am Gayathri. Thank you! You sang well too
Poornima: Ah! So you are learning music professionally?
Me: Hmm... No, I learnt.
Poornima: Ohh! That’s cool. Okay! Gotta go now. Bye!
Me: Okay, bye!
I did not get a proper chance to judge her the first time, though people whine about her most of the times. Hey! But she is cool. She does not really care as far as she has the attitude to keep her going towards her path.

“Hey! Make-up baby...make-up baby,” she teases as she pats my head and messes up my hair style.
“What? Stop calling me like that...*grrrrrr* and stop messing my hair-style, Rekha.” I try to adjust my hair as I look at the girl wearing specs like those in the Matrix movie *Well, no... No... She thinks so*.
Rekha-This girl, who is so friendly and keeps nattering, is such a sweet girl to be with. Honestly, I have never seen her getting angry. We first got each other introduced as bus-mates.
Like any other school, our school owns pretty comfortable school bus. At least, I can assure you its safe driving.     

Class- 11, Section-D, Class representative- Neeta AKA Jo

“Hieeee, Gaayu,” she greets me musically.
A girl so lean *compared to other three girls* joins the conversation.
“Hiee Gayathri!”
“Hello Rakhi......Hello Neeta...” I respond as I occupy the last before bench next to Poornima.
Well, I did not really prefer sitting on the last bench, not that I am a bluestocking.
In fact, I was told to sit along with Poornima, Neeta, Rekha and Rakhi.
My first impression on them was not disappointing. I felt they were so cool and the most popular gang in the school :P hehehe
 My joining their gang was uninvited and disliked by few. But, in no time I started enjoying their company. I realised they were as crazy as I.
So, that is how I got introduced to their gang.
Now, to explain all the incidents, I need to write chapters of our history. To make it short, here is what I write a brief testimony.


There are very few, who determine to be strong in spite of their critics and that is what I learnt from Poornima. The reason that most of them used to backbite on her is because they were so jealous. She excels in singing, dancing, and also in her studies; a multi-talented girl, who struggles to do her best.
We are always good at keeping each other’s secrets. Music is one of the reasons that got us close. We share equal taste for music, if not, a better taste.
She is the ultimate photo- mania. No...No....She is crazy about posing for a camera. If at all she finds a camera, she would never let you leave taking pictures of hers.
 Arghhh! Also, she is tall and strong, which defend my strength in our war times.

Class: 12 *During Commerce class*

I admit it is always Poornima who talks during class hours and not me. Well, I hear her gossiping talks.
On a fine day, during our commerce class, she was as usual commenting something to my ears and I pretended to listen to the class, knowing that my ma’am was looking at me.
I still don’t know what got Poornima mad, that she gave me a heavy blow on my head. *hahaha... unforgettable*
Hit her  ... Hit her...Go on!” my ma’am yelled, looking at me.
While, Rekha, Rakhi and Neeta were already ready to punch her. *hehehe*
Poornima, do you remember our fight at the beach?? Hahaaha...I bet they were afraid of us.
So, sticking around with her for seven years makes me feel like an award-winner J

Hey, girl!

Thank you for being there when I wasn’t able to pay the bill amount for the things that you all ate *hahahha :P*
Stay the way you are, Poornima. Don’t get too emotional. Do what your heart says. We all know what the reality offers for us. We all know we have got just one life to live, so stay happy forever.
As always, you can count on me.            


She is too cute like a teddy bear. Though we spent very little time together, we still know each other well. She is like the connecting thread of our gang, uniting all of us.
She is a girl with crazy ideas, crazy plans, and crazy resolutions. Very rarely she shares her problems, but it’s easy to figure it out. She can be too sweet even when she has her pain hidden.
Neeta, do you remember the day when Poornima slapped you for nothing :P hahahaha.
I missed to see it. J

Dear Neeta,

Seriously, stop being conscious. You are cute the way you are.
Come back soon... We miss your jokes and most of all we miss irritating you... <3 LL  Thank you so much for everything. Without you the gang might have been incomplete. Miss you. Mail me, maaaantaaaal. :D


A girl who aspires to become a fashion designer, but just like another sore story, her loved ones restrict her from being so. But she does not curse her life for that. She’s still got the passion that will live along forever.
I have always admired her charisma and her enthusiastic approach in everything.
She makes a very good sister and a friend.
It’s true that I used to be so silent and shy and most of them take advantage of it and mock at me. But, Rakhi was the extreme opposite- very bold and no one could mess up with her. So, every time when someone tries to pull my leg, she comes to survive and scoff at them back.

Dear Rakhi,

You know what I would say. As of now, I would like to tell just one thing- Please get married soon: P.
Don’t you worry. Your loved ones will never fail you; it’s just at times we who judge them wrong.


The one in the gang I first spoke. It’s so amazing how someone could be easily friendly. It’s all the moments of laughter we spent together. Awesome!
For all of you, who are still wondering about the teacher’s spy- Of course, now it’s easy to guess :D It was Rekha, who was spying on us, but she never let any of our class secrets out :P.
Trust me, the craziness in our gang was first inaugurated by her :P .
She is very good at mimicking and dubbing.

Class: 12

There were two teachers standing towards the corridor, opposite to the class. Probably they were discussing something serious?
While most of them were curious and trying to eavesdrop to their conversation, Rekha, the popular entertainer of our gang, started dubbing their conversation and making it feel funny. Lol J

Dear Rekha,

Please finish your studies soon :D Too many degrees...Grrrr :P hehehe

To conclude, I thank you all and I feel so comfortable or should I say I feel what I am when I am with you all. We don’t need any rules to rule us, we rule ourselves :P. Cheers!

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