Sunday, January 1, 2012



This morning, while I was sitting idle *like I always do* , my thoughts were carried back to few episodes of my childhood and teenage days spent with my lovely sister.
This girl *my sister*, who is seven years older than me, plays multiple roles *Multiple Personality Disorder*  in my life -a friend to hangout, a sister to fight, a brother to tie Raksh Bandhan , a mother to take care of me well and like a father to boss over ^__^.

Her bubbly looks that is always up to high-spirited fun, her wide smile that welcomes happiness, her pretending anger that personifies concern, her loud laughter that makes neighbours to knock at our door and her bold attitude towards life that ranks the best adjective in her, bring such a pride as a sister. 
 There are few incidents which my mind keeps replaying like  youtube replay button.  Few people say 'memories haunt and they have to be left behind without remembering'. But these ones- *memories* with my sister are difficult to forget.
It was a good evening walk run. Her friend, my sister and I were walking down the streets. Me, with my cute, little teddy bear, following my sister; My tall, neatly combed hair sister, dragging her bicycle along and the other tall friend joining us for a walk, made a perfect evening time-pass for me. The streets looked so new to me; we were walking a long way, it seems. 
Me : Hey! Look! the dog *pointing at the unchained, furious, African Boerboles breed- look like dog* 
They: huh? 
Me: *In my mind* How cute!
Ouch! It's barking.
By the time I paused few mins to think, they were already gone, riding fast their bicycles. 
Dogs are truly cute, but not until they start to bark. 
I was on my mark, got set and gone. Good that the dog did not chase my way, for I was already lost. Hours later I traced and reached home crying. 
That was one of the adventurous incidents happened to me.
The most unforgettable and awesome moments with her were during my birthdays and she knows it why.
It was probably 2007 or 2008, she was making her way to Japan. I knew I would miss her loads. I felt, she was the best sister ever. Just few hours before her departure, she held me closer to her and patted my shoulder telling me not to cry.  
I never really had a best friend, but she never made me feel so. I used to hang out with her. We shop together and pose for the perfect picture. More than that, we fight a lot. 
I really miss being with her. Sometimes I even reply for her old mails ^__^ Lol *just to bug her*.
It was just a tragic moment when I heard about the 'March 11, 2011 Japan's natural disaster'. I kept getting calls to my phone from a lot of people convincing me not to worry. It was just after I received a mail from her, I relived. 
Such were the incidents that made me write about her.
Though my passion for writing was always there,I lacked confidence. I remember that day when I mailed her my first ever article, she immediately called up and said she liked it. She continued to encourage me. So, that's how I started 'Blogging'. 
Holding back all these memories, I write to you.
Dear Sister,
Thank you so much for being there. I used to wonder if I really made a good sister for you. You were are the best sister. Just wanted to say that I will always bug you. 
P.S : Sissiiee, so when am I getting the MAC? hahaha *just kiddin* ^__^ I am fine spoiling Ragav's laptop ^__^
P.P.S : Oops ! I forgot to mention about your cooking :O
P.P.P.S: I still admire the cups you won. ^__^


  1. super de.... Don't laptop s safe without me :P and in good hands....

  2. That's such a sweet post Gayu!!! Keep blogging ^_^

  3. That awesome... :-) I can give you an audio of hers describing about the Japan earthquake in detail... :-)

  4. @Raghav : Thank you , bro ^__^. Sweet of you >:D<

  5. @Sowmya Swaminathan : Thank you so much. I will continue to write ^__^

  6. @Satvik : Thank you ! Hahahaha... You have got that ??? Lol... Share it. I will put it in my blog along with subtitles :P

  7. aahaaa...gaayu...truly affectionate..!!but u din mention the singing,laughin loud, and of course slow motion fights...CHEESE MAGGI ..!! her super cool driving..n particularly i love those times wen she is kalaichifyin uncle..:)

  8. Geema :) I did not want to mention all those :) I will do that in my next post.. :)